Words I Don’t Use Anymore - JACKBIT

Some words we’re brought up with just seem to disappear from our vocabulary as we get older or move around the world.

One that’s just sprung to mind is JACKBIT.

It’s a word from Wigan (an industrial town in the North West of the England) and it means “food” or “something to eat”.

You can even have a “Jackbit Can” - a metal container which you’d carry your Jackbit in!

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  • 2 months ago


Once a fortnight we’d have a visit from “Kerrsman”.  I remember my Mother answering the door to him and asking him inside.  There was a green book with numbers in it which my Mother kept in the front room (which we didn’t use except for “best” when we had visitors).

My Mother would hand over some money and Kerrsman would write in the book.

Kerrsman was always immaculately dressed and was very charming.

I’ve never thought about this for years until this week the thought came back into my mind. I realised, after all this time, that Kerrsman was actually “Kerrs Man” - the man from Kerrs - and he was collecting the money for things we’d bought on the hire purchase.

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  • 7 months ago